Informace o změnách v TISYM

(dostupné pouze v angličtině)

Listopad 2018

  • work under HTTPs only

Prosinec 2017

  • ticket priorities was renamed to more universal verbs
  • one next ticket priority - low was added
  • default priority of next ticket is - standart
  • now is possible change the ticket priority in solution form, use it if ticket priority was changed during solution
  • help was added to ticket and solution form main fields for explanation how to use it (in czech version only at this time)
  • now is possible write notice to person in his form

Květen 2016

  • external tickets - big change is that now is possible place the form for create tickets direct to your website, it can be done via simple jquery code, that you must add to page, where you want add new ticket form:

               <div id="ticket-form"></div>

               <script type="text/javascript">

               X - project ID that the tickets will be assigned to
               Y - company ID that the ticket user will be assigned to, you can create for example company called Others or Unknown for example to this case
              tickets can create users that are not logged to Tisym this way. Please dont remember enable the parameter for allow extrenal tickets in admin Parameters section

  • now is possible disable the automatic user logout from sytem, after long time inactivity
  • for better visibility are internal tickets shown in italic style in admin ticket list


Duben 2016

  • HTML editor - in ticket and solution description is available editor for text basic formatting. If is this editor not seen, your admin must enable this feature in Parameters module
  • Internal tickets - tickets can be marked as internal now. This tickets and its solutions are hidden from your customers
  • Automatic tickets summary - every day can be send email with tickets summary. Admin can enable it in Paremeters
  • system is remember the text that are you writting to ticket or solution description right now, so if you leave the form, and came back the last state of written text is prefilled
  • You can choose if you want send new ticket delegation email only to delegated solver or all solvers i project team - admin can set it via Parameter module
  • comma and dot are allowed chars in solution duration field
  • only active persons are now visible in project form
  • you can change long buttons with texts in lists to small buttons with icons - admin can set it via new Parameter module 
  • some small fixies

Únor 2015

  • now Tisym remember last selected project when you create new tickets
  • list of user stored filters was more visible separated in submenus and item for call implicit filter was added there too
  • different small bug fixes

Leden 2015

  • now is possible paste your system prinscreens images (done via PRTSC key)  direct to ticket or solution, please press CTRL+V when you have some prinscreen in your system clipboard and TISYM place this image as attachment (it works only in Google Chrome browser)
  • you can tell us about bugs, problems or not good translations direct from TISYM, please click on the link at right bottom part of every page and use the shown dialog
  • the information about work duration was added to ticket solution list in admin section. This info is visible only for role administrator or solver (only own solutions)
  • now is not possible delete companies, projects and persons when there are some joined  data in TISYM (only role administrator has permissions to delete this items)
  • there is shown count of new received emails in browser title bar, it can be usefull if you have TISYM minimalized and you are inform abou new email messages (notice: only messages from person email adresses that are created in TISYM are received)
  • ARES integration. if you create new company, you can type IC only and rest of its attributes will be found automatic way from ARES
  • now is possible use TISYM via HTTPS